llustrated by Ana Martin Larranaga

Meet dinah-2


Two collections, each with four short, funny stories with words and pictures to help children get reading for the very first time.In MEET DINAH DINOSAUR, learn what Dinah likes to eat, what she dreams about, watch her play hide and seek and look at little and big things!In BUSY DINAH DINOSAUR, Dinah goes on a walk, finds a pretty rock, gets muddy and goes to sleep.


busy dinah dinosaur 


These books should make any child want to learn to read…’
-Children’s Literature


The tips for adults who are encouraging first-time readers are practical, and the scenarios make reading fun.” –Booklist

Repetition and endearing protagonists will make these titles appealing to the earliest readers. Tips to aid parents in helping their new readers are included.” – School Library Journal




Pictures by Simms Taback

road buildersIt takes a lot of trucks and a good crew to build a road. Put on your hard hat and watch the road builders get to work!








“Bolstered by Hennessy’s concise text, Taback’s bold, attention-grabbing colors and oversized, up-close-and-personal illustrations are action-packed and will thrill young truck-lovers everywhere. It’s a splendid introduction to a world that many children find riveting.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“This book is sure to be popular with youngsters in the “how do they make . . .?” phase. The stars of the book are the trucks; this will be another surefire hit with the preschool set.” – Children’s Literature



Paintings by Steve Johnson with Lou Fancher

first nightSimply, and reverently, this book recounts the story of Jesus’ birth. The spare text and luminous paintings capture the feeling and wonder of that first night for children and adults alike. Published in eight languages from Afrikaans to Zulu, French to Xhosa, and reprinted in Parents Magazine,

THE FIRST NIGHT is now available in a new hardcover edition.



This Nativity tale evokes pleasing sense of mystery. Understated language conveys the essential awe of this and all other births…” – Publisher’s Weekly

”A lyrical and balanced text… endpapers surround the story with a joyful note of celebration and highlight the simplicity within.” – School Library Journal

”…an elegantly simple introduction to the Nativity...conveys the beauty, warmth and wonder of Jesus’ birth.” –Notes from the Windowsill

”Glows with childlike innocence and joy… hauntingly beautiful” – The Horn Book

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Pictures by Boris Kulikov


Publisher’s Weekly
Kirkus Reviews
School Library Journal

‘I am the most bored boy in the world…’

So says the shepherd boy in this retelling of the timeless classic. Kulikov’s zany illustrations infuse the story with fanciful whimsy.


Now available on DVD from Weston Woods/Scholastic


‘Never has this favorite been told with such animation and charming humor. Ovine divine- and darn clever.” – Starred review, Kirkus Reviews

This book begs to be read aloud. A clever take on an old favorite.” – Starred Review, School Library Journal




Pictures by Susan Mitchell

clairecoverjpg (4)‘Daddy, what makes someone happy ever after?’ With the help of some sweet dreams and her stuffed unicorn, Capricorn, Claire travels from fairy tale to fairy finding out just that.






”A feast for the eyes….readers also gain a broader perspective on the world.” – Publishers Weekly

”This… journey to the land of imagination will delight fairy-tale fans, who will identify with its inquisitive heroine.” – School Library Journal

Hennessy and Mitchell have teamed up to add richer detail to every child’s imaginings of this world.” – Kirkus Reviews



Pictures by Peter Joyce

MAP BOOK JPEG 08It’s the fairy-tale trip of a lifetime! Join Peter Pan, Snow White, and many more of your favorite storybook characters in a tour of the six lands of Once Upon a Time. This travel guide includes: maps of each land, special points of interest, detailed routes to follow, and hidden objects to find.






Top of the line content that packs in the play.” – Nick Jr. Magazine
“A stunningly illustrated, extraordinary book. Fun to read and glorious to look at THE ONCE UPON A TIME MAP BOOK has great educational value, too. Jam-packed with engaging activities, this magical book will make kids and parents happy ever after!” – Barnes and Noble review


“It’s a charming concept: beautifully detailed watercolor and ink maps . . . packed with diminutive images so that it can be pored over for a long time.” – Booklist


“Maps are especially useful tools for travelers when the destinations are Neverland, Oz, Wonderland, the Giant’s Kingdom, Aladdin’s Kingdom, and the Enchanted Forest. . . Happy trails, indeed.” – Orlando Sentinel




“Each time a child is born, the world changes.
There is one more person to love,
and one more person to love and care for others.”

Acts of kindness, understanding, and generosity- no matter how small-can make all the difference in the world.




“Don’t forget to tell the child in your life the world is a better place BECAUSE OF YOU.” – Parent’s Magazine

This really is a book every child should own.” –

“…with rhythmic language patterns that touch the soul...BECAUSE OF YOU joins hope, belief and possibility: Even something as big and important as peace begins with something small and precious. It might begin- with you.” –Jacqueline Perryman, Bendigo Advertiser, Victoria, Australia

“The tone is tender and warm…Short sentences make the book appropriate for young listeners and beginning readers, who will find the pictures appealing. A good choice for quiet moments, or to introduce the themes of kindness, friendship, and peace.” – School Library Journal

“In an empowering conclusion, Hennessy widens the child’s sphere of influence, seeing the ‘small and precious’ acts at home as the first step toward world peace.” – Booklist

This story, part poem, part prayer, part homage to the wonder of childbirth, celebrates the power of one child to advance care and love in the world.” – Pasadena Star News


THE SCARY PLACES MAP BOOK, Seven Terrifying Tours

Illustrated by Erwin Madrid

SPMP coverNeed a vacation from normal? Let the creepy guides in THE SCARY PLACES MAP BOOK lead you on seven spine-tingling tours. Using maps, a compass rose, and detailed directions, you’ll wend your way through Transylvania, the Wicked Woods and Nightmare House, just to name a few. Be on the lookout for lost objects, booby traps, and DEAD ends. Bone voyage!



“Where are the scary books?” “I sure wish I had had B. G. Hennessy’s newest book THE SCARY PLACES MAP BOOK to suggest… As an introduction to map skills this book can’t be beat.”  Cathy Bonnell, Elementary School Librarian

“This book is a wonderful fusion of imagination, illustration, and interaction….Hennessy and Madrid have beautifully joined forces and created a masterpiece that expounds on a plethora of mythical and legendary tales into a neat interactive map lesson.”    Brad Veeder, Library Media Connections 

“As she got into the book itself, I could not stop her from reading it further as she did not want to put it down. I asked her what she liked the best and she said “the whole thing.”         Dad of Divas

“…this book is so SPECIAL I couldn’t wait to share my excitement with other eager book & map lovers!”             The Write Place

“Kids who love to mix the ghoulish with the humorous will pore over the atmospheric pictures time and again… I, personally, cannot wait to use this in my classroom… good for math, language arts, Greek mythology, reluctant readers, geography, map reading.”                         Kellee at Teach Mentor Texts

“I feel like I need a new category for reviews: Books that Are Keeping Henry Unbelievably Occupied. In that category I’d put… THE SCARY PLACES MAP BOOK… I’m sorry I can’t tell you more. I can’t wrench it out of his hands. If you have a kid who likes maps, magical places, scary things, finding hidden things in pictures, and bookish adventures, your kid will like this book.        world of julie/mom on the edge

“…an awesome pick for children who like spookiness, ghosts, and witches.” the mom buzz

“B. G. Hennessy’s THE SCARY PLACES MAP BOOK, Seven Terrifying Tours is one special trick or treat… guaranteed to bring goosebumps and giggles.”                              

wicked woods

Erwin Madrid’s fabulous map of THE WICKED WOODS



Pictures by Lynne Avril Cravath

One little pilgrims

1 little, 2 little, 3 little Pilgrims,

4 little, 5 little, 6 little Pilgrims

7 little, 8 little, 9 little Pilgrims

10 little Pilgrim boys and girls.

Through a simple rhyming text share in the thanksgiving preparations at Colonial Plimoth and the nearby Wampanoag village.



“…a wealth of information good for reading or singing out loud- a lighthearted introduction to an important American holiday.” – Children’s Literature
“Take an old rhyme, add some research about Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians, mix in a large spoonful of whimsy, and you’ve got a wonderful new Thanksgiving book..” – Post Gazette


pictures by Tracey Campbell Pearson

schooldaysFollow a high-spirited class through a day jam-packed with interesting things to do. From starting bell to show and tell join the class for a great day at school.

School bus, cubby, starting bell

Circle time, then show and tell.

Bookshelves, desks, pencil sharpener,

                                                         New friends, old friends, plant monitor.


‘… Another winning collaboration…’
-The Baltimore Evening Sun

‘The perfect introduction to classroom life.’
-Children’s Literature


hb_corduroylostandfoundBased on the character created by Don Freeman

Pictures by Jody Wheeler







“Fans of Don Freeman’s classic stories will be delighted to discover a new adventure featuring their favorite teddy bear. B.G. Hennessy, the art director of A Pocket for Corduroy, brings Corduroy back to children’s literature with a story that will enchant children and parents. Corduroy Lost and Found will touch the hearts of readers who have waited 30 years for another adventure with their favorite bear.” – Children’s Literature

“Favorite children’s book character Corduroy finally gets the sequel he deserves.” – TimeOut New York Kids