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Boy Who Cried Wold Teacher Guide CoverBehold! The new teacher’s guide for THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF. Compiled by Martha Elson, this guide is packed with related ideas, lesson plans and activities to keep your classroom humming. CCSS compliant.

Download the teacher’s guide here: BOY WHO CRIED WOLF 






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Claire Teacher Guide CoverCheck out the latest teacher’s guide. This one is for CLAIRE AND THE UNICORN, HAPPY EVER AFTER. There are 10 pages of classroom activities and projects. Units include problem solving, friendship, attitude and adventure. Topics include gender stereotypes and cultural diversity. Creative writing and sharing activities are covered as well. Compiled by Pamela Yang. check out all 10 pages of projects, activities, and lesson plans.

Download your copy here: Claire TG final



BOY WHO CRIED WOLF100 Great Characters?

Well, check out Scholastic’s list of 100 great Books on Building Character. the list includes links to lesson plans. THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF can be found in the HONESTY section.  Check out Scholastic’s lesson plans here:


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The Literature Guide for THE SCARY PLACES MAP BOOK is now available as a FREE DOWNLOAD on the Teachers Pay Teachers site. It is also available here under the Teachers and Parents tab. elected by teachers, librarians and bloggers there are over 150 books keyed to each map. From picture books to nonfiction, you will find something for even the pickiest reader.


Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 2.09.15 PMLooking for ACCELERATED READER TITLES? All lucky 13 B. G. Hennessy titles are listed here:



Check out eighth grader Jared Johnson’s book trailer for THE SCARY PLACES MAP BOOK. Jared won “Best Director ” for his work on his film. Congrats, Jared!


Click here:“]



Scary Places TG coverRelease the Kraken! Here is a back-to-school present for you. The brand-spanking-new Teacher’s Guide for THE SCARY PLACES MAP BOOK created by Marcie Colleen. Almost 20 pages of activities, games and projects to bring SCARY PLACES into the ELA, Math, Science and Math curriculum.
Includes the CCSS compliance standards for English Language and Math for first through fourth grade.

Click on the link:

Lit guide cover

It was a big week for THE SCARY PLACES MAP BOOK, first the Teacher’s Guide (see above) and now the SCARY PLACES LITERATURE GUIDE. 

Over 150 picture books, early readers, chapter books, middle readers, collections and activity books included, and listed by map.

 Click here for the Literature Guide: SCARY PLACES LIT GUIDE Rev



clairecoverjpg (4)CONGRATS FOR CLAIRE AND THE UNICORN, HAPPY EVER AFTER!  CLAIRE is now in her 8th Printing!







Big BookIt’s BIG! And I mean Big! THE ONCE UPON A TIME MAP BOOK is now available in Big Book Size. A giant 16 x16 inches-  32 inches across for the maps. Now, this is the perfect size to really get into the maps.

Don’t forget to check out all the CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES in our teacher’s guide. Once Upon A Time Map Book Teachers Guide and download the free map grid for even more activities. Download the grid here: Map Grid










dinosaurbackyardHAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY to THE DINOSAUR WHO LIVED IN MY BACKYARD!  That dinosaur must be getting pretty big by now.







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