New Book Pages

Book by book, page by page, I’ll be working through my backlist titles with new “one sheet” book pages for every book. First up? THE DINOSAUR WHO LIVED IN MY BACKYARD.

This was my first published book, and now there are over 500,000 copies in print.

Happy 30th birthday to that big green dinosaur!

Dinosaur Book Page

Summer vacation getting to you? Go on a SCARE-CATION

Spend some time with THE SCARY PLACES MAP BOOK. Play a game of Release the Kraken, learn how to talk like a pirate or send Grandma a postcard from Transylvania, the Seven Seas, Greece or the Wicked Woods.

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 12.14.00 PMFor the complete guide: Scary Places Scare-cation F