Pictures by Peter Joyce

MAP BOOK JPEG 08It’s the fairy-tale trip of a lifetime! Join Peter Pan, Snow White, and many more of your favorite storybook characters in a tour of the six lands of Once Upon a Time. This travel guide includes: maps of each land, special points of interest, detailed routes to follow, and hidden objects to find.






Top of the line content that packs in the play.” – Nick Jr. Magazine
“A stunningly illustrated, extraordinary book. Fun to read and glorious to look at THE ONCE UPON A TIME MAP BOOK has great educational value, too. Jam-packed with engaging activities, this magical book will make kids and parents happy ever after!” – Barnes and Noble review


“It’s a charming concept: beautifully detailed watercolor and ink maps . . . packed with diminutive images so that it can be pored over for a long time.” – Booklist


“Maps are especially useful tools for travelers when the destinations are Neverland, Oz, Wonderland, the Giant’s Kingdom, Aladdin’s Kingdom, and the Enchanted Forest. . . Happy trails, indeed.” – Orlando Sentinel