Teacher’s Guide for THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF

Boy Who Cried Wold Teacher Guide CoverBehold! The new teacher’s guide for THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF. Compiled by Martha Elson, this guide is packed with related ideas, lesson plans and activities to keep your classroom humming. CCSS compliant.

Download the teacher’s guide here: BOY WHO CRIED WOLF 

Release the Kraken!

Scary Places TG coverHere is a back-to-school present for you. The brand-spanking-new Teacher’s Guide for THE SCARY PLACES MAP BOOK created by Marcie Colleen. Almost 20 pages of activities, games and projects to bring SCARY PLACES into the ELA, Math, Science and Math curriculum. Includes the CCSS compliance standards for English Language and Math for first through fourth grade.

 Click here for: THE SCARY PLACES MAP GUIDE Teacher’s Guide